Thoughts on Slowing Down & Old Fashioned Inspiration

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Every summer things slow down a bit on this blog. It is never planned (though perhaps it should be!), to be honest life just becomes a little crazier than normal.

Crazier you ask? Isn't summer supposed to be more relaxed? No homework, more pool time--In a way it certainly is! But more than ever we recognize our kiddos' need for structure which means part time camps, and me working on freelance projects. Not to mention early morning barks from our goldendoodle! 

Note to self: it is more than okay to slow down in certain areas of life. To leave some unscheduled time on my calendar. To find beauty in a simple summer. And to know that seasons in life are exactly that.

Can you relate?

old fashioned inspiration -tag&tibby

My Mom spent the week with us last week. It was such a sweet visit. By way of my Mom, my Grandma (GGMa to the kids) sent me several decorating magazines, and I went through and pulled out inspiration for our bedrooms, living room, and kitchen. I can not think of the last time I had done that! It brought back memories of filling scrapbooks with inspiration. 

old fashioned inspiration -tag&tibby

Pinterest is a wonderful resource. But looking through magazines gave me the chance to see some design ideas I might not have otherwise considered. Now we are considering painting our 6 year old daughter's bedroom a robin's egg blue! Before, we had always thought pink. I appreciate that we took the time to study things "the old fashioned way" and spot interesting textures, vibrant colors, and home decor trends.

“There is so little to remember of anyone - an anecdote, a conversation at a table. But every memory is turned over and over again, every word, however chance, written in the heart in the hope that memory will fulfill itself, and become flesh...” -Marilynne Robinson, Housekeeping

6 creative ideas for high ceilings

High ceilings without treatment can seem bare and stark. So here are six texture rich ideas that will add personality to your space!

Our home, like many of you, has a high ceiling. It was one of the things that attracted us to the space. It was like a blank canvas we could redesign and the high ceilings with windows gave us a lot of ideas. The ceiling is 2 stories tall in the living room and foyer and right now is beige and void of style.

High ceilings without treatment can seem bare and stark. Below are six texture rich ideas that will add personality to your space! 

1. Wood paneled ceiling via House of Turquoise 

This space works beautifully together. I adore the paint color, the mod chandelier, and the choice of texture in furniture. The ceiling is high and the space still feels friendly. 

wood paneled ceiling

2. Add a second floor via Remodelista 

Sound crazy? If you have 2 story ceilings an upper level library would be a gorgeous addition. 

6 creative ideas for high ceilings: add a second floor

3. Shelving and artwork via Camille Styles

High ceilings are the perfect place to highlight large pieces of art. Our living room is sloped like this one, and I love how they installed the shelving.

shelving and artwork with a high ceiling

4. Add a few rustic beams via Ashe + Leandro

Wood adds instant depth in character to a space. These beams ground the space and provide a hint of warmth to a cool room.

rustic beams

5. A brick wall via The Style Files

Installing brick (or faux brick) will age the home in a good way. Brick goes a long way, one wall covered floor to ceiling will exude charm. And consider a creative color!

add a brick wall to high ceilings to warm up the space

6. Install a paneled wall...or two via BHG

Shiplap style paneling is still on trend and would be a relatively easy DIY. This paneling adds texture while keeping the space bright and white.

shiplap style paneling is still on trend and perfect for a high ceiling

Which is your favorite? Always pinning more ideas over on Pinterest

sensory-friendly playroom design ideas

sensory friendly playroom design ideas

Our playroom is the next room up for a makeover (check out the bathroom we just finished!). Currently the only furniture in the playroom is a lego table and bookcase. There are several things I would like to add to the space (character and texture, sensory-friendly furniture) and several things I would like to remove (beige, mini blinds, and ceiling fan).   

I have started the project and can't wait to show you the end result! Scroll down for several fun design ideas that are inspiring our new playroom space.

A wall with texture

I love this idea. The wood slats add instant warmth and character (and a hint of rustic).

rustic wood slats

A place to read

Both of our children made great progress with reading this year, and with summer quickly approaching a calm space would be good encouragement to keep reading. And for our child with sensory needs, it would also give him a quiet place to relax.

a space to read

Wall Color

Color does not have to be overly bold and bright to make an impact. I am always surprised when I see "sensory friendly rooms" and they are painted with bright, bold colors. I think calm and uncluttered is the way to go. I love the half-wall trend. At the moment we are considering a light blue-green for our walls.

half-painted blue wall

Sensory Input

All children benefit from movement, and especially children with special needs and autism. Jumping, hoping, swinging and spinning are all ways to calm and ground children with vestibular input. Outdoors is a great place for this, but some children are cautious outdoors (bugs!), and on rainy days it is helpful to have indoor sensory options.

sensory room

Workspace for kids

Our children are hands on learners and really enjoy drawing. I would like to add a table made for elementary age children (often children's tables seem to be for preschoolers). I would love ideas! Otherwise I may DIY this with hairpin legs and plywood.

blue hairpin worktable

What things are must-haves in your play areas?

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